Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just to say thanks...

Hi everybody!

Mmmmh, that intro is getting to be a bit boring.. I ought to think of a new one, haha! I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for your support. You people are the reason why I started this blog. When first I saw JRose's first blog sale directory, I thought that it was great that someone took the time to inform others on blog sales. I'm always glad to help others out, that's why I volunteered to take over the directory.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to leave comments on some posts. Comments like those really make my day and give me courage to continue this blog.

I've said it many times, but really...




  1. I love your blog. Its so helpful!
    Thank you so much for you hard-work and dedication to bring followers like me good blog sales. I just have one suggestion to make. I hope you dont mind =s
    Is it possible to make the blog look more attractive? you know like a more attractive layout, background and header, etc?
    If not thats fine. But I think if your blog looks even more attractive you'll have more followers =)
    hope you dont mind my suggestion =s

    take care

  2. yes thanks for having that sorta blog!
    i recently purchased awesome stuff!

    thank yoooooooooou;)

  3. thanks you!
    your blog really helped me purchase some great makeup :)

  4. Hi Channa!

    Thanks for the suggestion and YES I agree! I used to make websites (personal ones) and I really loved the possibility to use my own creativity. I have been thinking about revamping the blog, but honestly I have no idea how! XP
    I'm fairly new to blogspot and I've already seen how other bloggers made theirs look GORGEOUS, but I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind, thanks =)

  5. Hi Catherine! I love that you took over this blog sales directory. :) BTW if you want to revamp the look of this blog, blogger has made it WAY easy now. I did a post on the new blogger editor. check it here
    LMK if you have any questions!