Thursday, January 21, 2010

Geo Lens + Endlessbeautytrunk's blog sale part 3

Hi everybody!

Remember one of my older posts about Geo circle lenses selling at a cheaper price? Good news, it's still selling at that price! No more than 10USD! I think the seller is going to keep it that way ^^ I finally received mine today! At the moment it's soaking in my contact lens solution, but I'm definitely trying them out this weekend ^^ Can't wait!

On the other hand, Crissy's on fire with her blog sales =D Below you can find a link to her third blog sale.

Blog sale part III
She ships internationally ^^

Happy shopping!


  1. wow already? i don't have mine yet(lenses)! :( i'm in the first batch too. yours is really fast! :D

  2. yeah, I was actually expecting an e-mail from the seller, but when I got home last night I found them on my laptop =D
    which lenses did you order?

  3. i just got my package too :D
    i got the Geo Brown BC-101; Geo Tricolor gray CM-901; Geo Tricolor in brown and green too! what about you ? got any personal page :D?

  4. i got geo angel grey and geo angel brown and you can see in my latest post which new lenses i ordered =D
    i don't have a personal page actually... wouldn't know what to write about, haha! got any ideas? XP

  5. ive ordered other pairs. cuz i dun put makeup, i kind of don't like other colors than brown. lol..i look soooo alien.. or maybe its cuz i'm not used to see myself with bright colors.
    thats true..i dont know what to write too in a personal blog. i usually blog about jewelry that i bought from other bloggers..xD so yeah..dunno what to suggest you xD